Welcome to the Small Ships Register (Part III) On-Line Registration Service
This service enables our customers to register small ships on-line and also to make alterations to existing registrations, such as changes of ownership, changes of vessel details (including name), and changes of owners' addresses. Please be advised that Renewal of Registration is not currently available on this online facility. If you have not received your Renewal Notice then please contact us.
Guidance notes, which give important information and explain the eligibility criteria for the SSR in detail, can be found on the following registration page.
PLEASE NOTE: On completion of your online application/change you will receive a “Transaction Confirmation” via email for your reference. Your application will be processed within 10 working days and your Certificate of British Registry will be sent to the UK residential address of the person named as Owner 1 on the application, unless a different delivery is requested in the Additional Notes section of the application. If you do not receive your documentation after 20 working days please contact us.
To Register on the Small Ships Register (Part III):
  • Your vessel must be less than 24 meters in overall length.
  • You must be ordinarily resident in the UK (refer to guidance notes).
  • Your vessel should not be registered on any other register (e.g. Part 1).
  • You cannot register your vessel under a company or business name.
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